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Formacel™ foam expansion agents

foam blowing agents

Is your company looking for a stable, safe and effective foam blowing agent that can perform well beyond the 12-month supply chain process? From roofing to food packaging, Formacel™ foam blowing agents can meet your needs. 

Chemours brings over 75 years of proven leadership in fluorochemical science and technology, as well as a history of introducing HCFC and HFC alternatives to the market. Today, we continue to drive innovation with the latest foam expansion technologies to meet the industry's highest standards for quality, purity, performance and environmental sustainability.

We're committed to helping manufacturers across the thermoset and thermoplastic industries deliver consistent, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions for every type of foam application.

Our product line includes:


Low GWP Products

  • Opteon™ 1100 (HFO-1336mzz-Z) – Formacel™ 1100, the low global warming potential (GWP) foam blowing agent that combines energy efficiency with extended shelf life, has a new name: Opteon™ 1100. Opteon™ 1100 is the newest addition to the Opteon™ family of low GWP fluorochemicals and the portfolio of foam blowing agents from Chemours. It boasts the lowest GMP and can serve as an HCFC-141b alternative with minimal modifications.
  • Formacel™ Z2 (HFC-152a) – The non-VOC and low-GWP formulation make it an ideal – and approved – foam blowing agent in the food service, house wrap and graphic arts industries.


Low ODP Products

  • Formacel™ Z4 (HFC-134a) – The nonflammable compound delivers superior insulation and excellent plastic liner compatibility, making it a perfect fit for roofing, pipe insulation, appliance foams, refrigerated trucks and much more.
  • Formacel™ S (HCFC-22) – A high-performing alternative to HCFC-141b used as a co-blowing agent in insulation board, refrigerated trucks, food services, graphic arts and house wrap. Because HCFC regulations vary by country, please contact us for availability in your region.


Legacy Product

  • HCFC-141b – An alternative to CFC-11 in polyurethane foam systems. Blending HCFC-141b with Formacel™ S as a co-expansion agent can reduce costs, while driving stability and low temperature insulation value. However, HCFC regulations vary by country; please contact us for availability in your region.

We also offer a wide range of HFC, HCFC and HFO blends to meet your company’s unique needs.  Contact our sales team to learn more.


This new performance-based alternative leverages hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry to achieve peak physical properties capable of replacing legacy HCFCs, HFCs, and HCs.
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