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Chemours Glycolic Acid has a variety of industrial and personal care applications

Grades of Glyclean™

Glyclean™ PV

Glyclean™ PV is a high-performance product used in the fabrication process of photovoltaic cell and display devices as an active ingredient for the etching process of crystalline silicon or silicate glass. Glyclean™ PV is used in the texturing process of polycrystalline silicon, to improve the surface uniformity, sunlight absorption, and cell efficiency. Glyclean™ PV is also used in the silicate glass cutting process to increase etch rate and edge angle with remarkable improvement of uniformity in terms of unique metal chelating and complexing functionality.

Glyclean™ AM

Glyclean™ AM is EPA registered as a manufacturing product for use as an active ingredient in liquid disinfecting formulations on hard, non-porous surfaces for household, industrial, institutional or commercial premises.  It can also be used in formulating disinfecting cleaners for agricultural premises, and food processing facilities and equipment.  It contains 68% Glycolic Acid and 32% water.


Glyclean™ AN

Glyclean™ AN is an acrylonitrile purification product with many benefits over acetic acid.  Forming ammonium glycolate as opposed to acetate, it reduces polymerization by scavenging free ammonia at heat transfer surfaces.  A stronger organic than acetic acid, Glyclean™ AN cuts cleaning costs by requiring just one third the amount for most applications.

For wastewater systems, lower vapor pressure and higher boiling point improve pre-discharge distillation.  For process equipment, a partition-to-water phase ratio of 21:4, versus 2:3 for acetic, means less corrosion.  Studies show it breaks low-weight polymer so exchangers and columns stay cleaner longer.  With similar handling characteristics as acetic, conversion to Glyclean™ AN requires minimal retrofit.

» Glyclean™ AN Maximizes Value of Acrylonitrile Purification Operations 


Glyclean™ eGA

Glyclean™ eGA is produced exclusively for Electronics applications where low levels of metallic impurities are required.  Used in residue removers and surface products for development and support of existing and next generation silicon manufacturing processes.

» Electronics Grade Glyclean™ eGA