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Chemours Glycolic Acid has a variety of industrial and personal care applications

Boiler System & Heat Exchanger Cleaner Applications

Glycolic Acid removes hard water scale deposits (calcium, iron, iron oxides (rust), magnesium, manganese salts) by forming water soluble complexes (chelates) which are easily rinsed away.  Containing no phosphates, its ready biodegradability prevents accumulation in the environment.

Glycolic Acid improves the efficiency of feeds, vapor flashing and activated-carbon bed equipment in groundwater remediation systems and heat exchange efficiency in cooling towers.

While chemical cleaning is generally considered a mature technology (with limited support for new developments), over the last two decades cleaning practice has in fact evolved significantly as a result of changing materials of construction, feed water treatment technology, steam generation technology, and increasing environmental regulation.

A mixture of Glycolic Acid and formic acid with booster is fast and effective for cleaning high-pressure stainless steel steam generators and evaporators.  This mixture eliminates corrosion concerns and offers cost efficacy benefits superior to EDTA and citric acid-based compositions.  This mixture also has improved biodegradability profile over other organic acids, resulting in reduced cost of waste disposal.

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