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Chemours Glycolic Acid has a variety of industrial and personal care applications

Leather Dyeing & Tanning Applications

Glycolic Acid is ideal for use in the leather industry where grain is important and high quality desired. In tanning, it is extremely efficient for bath pH adjustment, particularly in the production of sole leather and other vegetable tannings.  Its sodium salt is effective as a masking agent.  In deliming, Glycolic Acid penetrates hides rapidly, frequently reducing operations time.  It improves grain quality by eliminating excessive pelt swelling that can cause wrinkles and reduce tear resistance.  In pickling, Glycolic Acid forms metal complexes with chrome and alum mordants which are beneficial in both fur and leather finishing.  In dyeing, Glycolic Acid requires lower usage than volatile agents like acetic acid.  There are no corrosive fumes upon heating and maintenance of pH levels is made easier.