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Chemours Glycolic Acid has a variety of industrial and personal care applications

Metal Cleaning & Finishing Applications

Glycolic Acid is highly effective for copper and aluminum finishing and metal cleaning applications, including boilers and heat exchangers.  Essentially chloride and phosphate free, it can also be used for stainless steel without stress-cracking.  There are many metal cleaning applications in the electronics manufacturing industry which should be considered. Glycolic Acid readily dissolves carbonate, oxide and most casein scales.

With the pH level of a 4% solution in water below 2.0, Glycolic Acid emits little corrosive fuming when hot, and 70% concentrate can be quickly diluted to any desired strength with water.  Glycolic Acid is compatible with additives, including surfactants, biocidal agents, and corrosion inhibitors.

Glycolic acid has been used for many years as a dairy and CIP cleaner. It is particularly effective at dissolving casein, a milk protein found in milk stone, as well as hard water deposits.