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Ti-Pure™ R-103 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ R-103 is an excellent general-purpose grade rutile titanium dioxide pigment for all resin systems. Manufactured by the chloride process, it is specially formulated to

  • Reduce discoloration of resin compounds and finished products during exposure to ultraviolet light by a unique alumina surface treatment
  • Provide high opacity and very blue undertone tint
  • Produce clean, bright whites at low loadings in clear resins and those having natural color

Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-103 is of particular value are:

  • Polyolefin or engineering resin applications requiring high opacity strength, very blue tint, excellent dispersion, and discoloration resistance in lead-stabilized PVC systems, while still providing controlled chalking in exterior PVC applications

See the Plastics Application Guide for a list of finished products that use Ti-Pure™ R-103 as the preferred grade.

Exceptions and alternative grades:

The volatility of Ti-Pure™ R-103 allows acceptable processing in all applications except high-temperature thin PE cast film or PE extrusion coating. For these demanding applications, Ti-Pure™ grades R-101, R-104 or R-350 are recommended.

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