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Ti-Pure™ R-104 Titanium Dioxide

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Ti-Pure™ R-104 is a general-purpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment designed primarily for plastics applications. Manufactured by the chloride process and supplied as a fine, dry white powder, it is specifically formulated to

  • Offer fine particle size distribution
  • Give outstanding melt flow with highly loaded thermoplastic masterbatches
  • Combine high brightness and high tinting strength with the bluest vinyl undertone
  • Offer excellent lacing resistance in high-temperature cast film and extrusion coating applications

Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-104 is of particular value are:

  • Engineering resin applications where high opacity at low loading is required
  • Thermoplastic masterbatches where high concentrations of pigment are desired
  • Melt flows that are minimally affected

See the Plastics Application Guide for a list of finished products that use Ti-Pure™ R-104 as the preferred grade.

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Ti-Pure™ R-104 Product Information
Ti-Pure™ R-104 - Designed for Use in Most Thermoplastic Polymers