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Ti-Pure™ R-350 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ R-350 is a unique titanium dioxide pigment designed for plastic applications. Manufactured by the chloride process and supplied as a fine, dry white powder, it is specifically formulated to provide:

  • Brighter, cleaner whites
  • Unmatched high temperature performance (including lacing resistance)
  • Excellent throughput rates
  • Superior dispersion
  • Superb yellowing resistance
  • Enhanced durability

Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-350 is of particular value are:

  • Thermoplastic masterbatches needing high concentrations of pigment and minimal melt flow impact
  • Polyolefin products with improved resistance to additive yellowing
  • Polyolefin films for outdoor applications
  • ABS Applications

See the Plastics Application Guide for a list of finished products that use Ti-Pure™ R-350 as the preferred grade.

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Ti-Pure™ R-350 Product Information
Ti-Pure™ R-350 for Use in Polyolefins
Ti-Pure™ R-350 for Use in ABS Systems