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Ti-Pure™ R-900 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ R-900 is a general-purpose pigment used in alkyd and latex paints for interior gloss and semi-gloss applications. This pigment disperses easily, develops high gloss, and provides maximum hiding power in a wide range of gloss grade applications.

R-900 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment manufactured by the chloride process and is supplied as a fine, dry powder. It is formulated to provide:

  • Good gloss
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Easy dispersion
  • High resistance to corrosion, high resistivity, and low soluble ion content

Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-900 is of particular value are:

  • Interior gloss and semi-gloss architectural applications, particularly as a primer
  • Exterior applications when a medium chalk resistance is preferable, (e.g., when dirt collection is a problem)
  • Interior industrial coatings
  • Automotive primer coatings
  • Container coatings where a neutral undertone and high gloss are valued
  • Electrodeposition primer applications
  • Appliance coatings, metal furniture finishes, and high reflectance white coil coatings
  • Plastic applications


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