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Ti-Pure™ R-931 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ R-931 provides maximum hiding power in high-quality, high-pigment volume concentration (PVC) architectural coatings. Flat paints are formulated at relatively high levels of extenders and TiO2 pigments. They are frequently above the critical PVC levels and R-931 provides superior performance in this class of highly crowded paint systems.

A rutile titanium dioxide pigment, R-931 is manufactured by the chloride process and is supplied as a fine, dry powder or in aqueous slurry form (R-941). It is specifically formulated to provide an excellent balance of hiding power and film integrity in emulsion and solvent flat paints.


Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-931 is of particular value are:

  • Architectural latex and solvent flat coatings
  • Architectural latex and solvent primers 

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