With TS-6300, One Coat Conquers All

The marketplace asked. Our researchers responded.
Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 lets you achieve better
hiding power and efficiency, for paint that can
vanquish old layers with just one coat.

Make Higher-Value Paint

TS-6300 gives you the flexibility to formulate paint with superior hiding power and optimal TiO2 efficiency.

  • Hiding Power

    Achieve higher hiding power and give your customers Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ confidence in your paint.

  • Environmental Footprint

    Reduce your environmental footprint and achieve better hiding power.

  • Weather Resistance

    Maintain color resistance and durability comparable to other multi-purpose TiO2 pigments.

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  • Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ Approach and TS-6300

    With Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ and Ti-Pure Select TS-6300 expand the limits of hiding power.

  • Strengthening Hiding Power

    Achieve superior hiding in a broad range of formulations. Learn about the hiding improvement made possible with TS-6300, compared to universal TiO2 pigments.