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Starblast™ Ultra Blasting Abrasives

Starblast™ Ultra is designed for those applications that require a more aggressive abrasive, such as steel maintenance heavy rust, and paint removal. While stronger than Chemours standard Starblast™ and Starblast™ XL, Starblast™ Ultra continues to offer the same product advantages, such as:

  • Greater blastiing visibility due to considerably less dust generation
  • Lower labor costs through faster, more efficient cleaning
  • Less material costs due to usability
  • Guaranteed to contain less that 5% free silica, typically less than 3%
  • Rounded to sub-angular grains result in less abrasive embedment
  • Electrically non conductive

    Starblast™ Ultra is mined from Chemours heavy mineral deposits in Northeast Florida. The minerals are scrubbed and chemically washed to ensure freedom from dirt, dust and ultrafines.
    All Starblast™ blasting abrasives are available in 22.7-kg (50-lb) multiwall paper bags, 4,000-lb bulk bags, and in bulk carloads and truckloads.

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