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Zircore™ and Kyasill™ Foundry Sand

Chemours's foundry mineral products' Zircore™ and Kyasill™ are naturally occurring rounded grain minerals mined from our heavy mineral deposit in Florida. The foundry products, composed primarily of zircon and aluminum silicates, are chemically scrubbed to give clean products from dirt and ultrafines.

offers two grades of Florida foundry mineral products that vary in the level of zircon (zirconium silicate) and aluminum silicates: Zircore™ and Kyasil™.

foundry mineral products are used in many ways:

  • Shell molds and cores
  • Investment casting molds
  • Green sand molding
  • No-bake binders
  • Silicate-CO2 process and oil sand cores

The two grades of Florida foundry minerals are available in 22.7-kg (50-lb) multiwall paper bags, semi-bulk (2 ton or 4 ton) bags, or in bulk hopper cars or trucks.

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Zircore™ and Kyasill™ Foundry Sand Datasheet