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Mineral Applications

Starblast™ is a high-efficiency, low-dusting, low-free-silica blasting abrasive. It is a naturally occurring mineral sand mined in Florida. Starblast™ excels at removing mill scale and rust from new steel and is highly effective in removing paints and coatings from most surfaces. Our products include: Starblast™, Starblast™ XL, Starblast™ Ultra, Coarse Staurolite, and Biasill™. Starblast™ is sold through a nationwide network of authorized distributors.

Five grades of Zircon, which vary in the level of zircon and other mineral content are mined and calcined by Chemours in Florida and used in the foundry, refractory, ceramic, precision investment casting, television glass and other business segments.

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Foundry and Refactory Mineral Products

offers two grades of foundry mineral products that vary in the level of zircon (zirconium silicates) and aluminum silcates.

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