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Plastic Applications

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Plastics - our world and lifestyle would be quite different today without the development and evolution of the plastics industry. Since the 1950's Chemours Titanium Technologies has been dedicated to providing the plastics industry with products and services that solve your color, opacity and weatherability design issues. As the plastics industry has evolved over this time our portfolio of TiO2 products has grown to meet your changing needs.

Our focus continues on plastics as we collaborate along specific value chains with you and your customers and with other co-suppliers to create customized TiO2 products that provide unique benefits for very specific plastics applications. At the same time we continue to improve and innovate our current products-- many of which are industry standards.

Featured Product

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide for outdoor vinyl fence and railing

Consistent color, superior weathering and processibility are critical to a fence manufacturer, and the choice of TiO2 plays a decisive role.

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