A New Kind
of Chemistry Company

For a world that demands more.

We鈥檙e proud to introduce our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Commitment report.

We rely on chemistry every day. It is the essential science of modern life. It keeps our homes cool, our food fresh, and our families safe. It keeps our cars and airplanes running and fuel efficient and our world vibrant, clean, and connected.

Today, chemistry must do more. Chemistry needs to be as responsible as it is essential, even as it offers more comprehensive solutions than it ever has before.

It's a balancing act. Consumers demand progress. Customers demand innovation. Investors demand profits. Society demands sustainable solutions. Our community neighbors demand accountability. And everyone—everyone—wants world-class technology that solves problems without creating new ones.

As a new kind of chemistry company, we are called on to answer these demands, balancing the essential with the responsible along the way. We're dedicated to responsible chemistry—so much so that we're building it into the way we do business and the way we grow. We began addressing these issues in 2015. And now, we are issuing our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Commitment report. We invite you to read it in full.

Ten 2030 goals are the backbone of this report. They are in brief:

  • We're restructuring our portfolio to deliver innovative solutions to meet growing market needs and enable us to make specific contributions to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). That means supplying the materials that help engines become more fuel efficient; providing coatings that help keep cities cool; inventing new refrigerants that don鈥檛 harm the ozone layer or warm the planet; and enabling new technology such as 5G communications and the internet of things to better connect the world.
  • We're committed to making significant progress to becoming carbon positive by 2050.
  • We're on the way to cutting the intensity of our greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.
  • We're dedicating $50 million to enrich our communities through supporting STEM education for all, as well as our Safety 360° and sustainable environment programs. This is more than a financial goal; it means dedicated employee time and expertise.
  • We're devoted to inclusion and gender parity. We're building a diverse global workforce that's 50% women and working toward a 20% ethnically diverse U.S. employee base.
  • We're improving water quality, ensuring a 99% reduction in fluorinated organic compound emissions to air and water.
  • We're encouraging our suppliers to be more responsible throughout their businesses. Even though we can't mandate their behavior, we're choosing to do business with those that demonstrate the most responsibility.

We will share our priorities, programs, and performance with our stakeholders—current and prospective employees, customers, investors, community members, suppliers, industry groups, and others—and we welcome feedback. We invite you to contact us at CorporateResponsibility@andkongamer.com with comments, questions, or suggestions.

We have a responsibility to our world, customers, consumers, investors, and to the essential science on which we all depend. We're a new kind of chemistry company, for a world that demands more.

To learn more about our Corporate Responsibility Commitment and our 2030 goals, we invite you to download our full report.