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How Will Chemistry Change Tomorrow鈥檚 World?


Chemistry is at the very center of day-to-day life, in every industry, in every corner of the world. And every day, both developing and developed markets have shifting and growing needs for more products and solutions that are enabled by chemistry.

With a rich history in innovative chemistry, we visit a wide range of topics that show the power of chemistry to improve tomorrow鈥檚 world.


Our Expert Corner

Learn more about our innovative thinking from our experts that help fuel the future of chemistry.


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Partnership to Foster Innovation and STEM Leaders

Chemours and the University of Delaware partner to build a new innovation center.

A headshot of Zeru Tekie, Global Technical Director, Fluoroproducts.

Zeru Tekie

Global Technical Director, Fluoroproducts

We cannot overstate the value and importance of collaboration to innovation. Diverse groups of people bring different perspectives and ideas to solve the same problem.

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We help create a more capable, more colorful, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry.


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We aspire to improve the lives of people everywhere.


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Our values guide our decisions and our ability to serve our customers better every day.